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[leafnode-list] Re: Configuring posting and fetching differently from various servers.

Adam Funk <adam00f@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Monday 23 January 2006 20:26, Martin wrote:
>> Well, this brings an idea to my mind, but I'm not sure whether I'm
>> right:
>> /etc/leafnode/config:
>> |server = news.individual.net
>> |... the lines concerning this server ...
>> |server = your.isp's.server
>> |... the lines concerning your isp's server ...
> From playing with some more test messages, I think that if I submit a 
> message to leafnode between runs of fetchnews, it will post to the first 
> server that will take it.  I suspect that the one fluke I saw (a post 
> went to the second server when both could have handled it) might have 
> happened while I posted to leafnode while fetchnews was running, so when 
> it got to the second server, the message was in out.going/.

Yes, that may have happened. One man's mean, another man's poison.

This is something that has no easy answer, no matter what we do, we'll
inconvenience part of the user group.

Do it as it is done now, and it may fail with servers that don't
distribute some groups. Change fetchnews to only post messages that were
there before it started, and people will wonder why some posts are
queued longer than necessary.

Add an option (either to pick from these two modes, or to add explicit
routing for certain groups to certain servers), we hamper ease of use...

Matthias Andree
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