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[leafnode-list] leafnode2 hostnames

Just installed leafnode2 alpha.  All set up, but having some trouble
running fetchnews for the first time.  I seem to remember this
problem when I installed leafnode1 but can't find my solution.

I read the FQDN FAQ for leafnode1, couldn't find one for leafnode2.

$ sudo fetchnews -vvv

Leafnode must have a fully-qualified domain name,
not just "localhost".
Edit your /etc/hosts file to add a fully qualified domain name.

$ cat /etc/hosts	localhost armadillo
#	armadillo piggo.dyndns.org

Why is it picking up localhost over the piggo entry?

I also added hostname to /etc/leafnode/config:

$ cat /etc/leafnode/config|grep "hostname ="
# hostname = host.domain.country
hostname = piggo.dyndns.org

But same error message at fetchnews.

How come it's not using the config directive?

PS - I am the only user, it's just a local server, and my slrn
generates it's own unique M-IDs.

Troy Piggins                                RLU#415538 <http://counter.li.org>
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