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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode.spec.in needs patch (Version 2)

> Well, what I found in the years I was around packaging RPMs is that the
> RPM documentation is abysmal. There's somewhat recent documentation on
> the basics on the Fedora website, but either SUSE forget packaging half
> of the docs or there are none.

What few times I have done or tried to do packaging, I found the same
thing that you have.

> Anyways, can you try the attached patch and let me know if it works
> better for you? It does for me.
> You still need to edit the _prefix line to read /usr/local,
> I left it at /usr.

I applied your patch and changed _prefix to /usr/local, and the RPM did
build properly.  rpm -qlp on the produced RPM shows that the /usr files
are all put in  /usr/local/ except for the /usr/share/doc files.

> The %configure macro, at least on SUSE 10.0 that I'm using, indeed uses
> %_prefix instead. ("rpm --showrc | less" to see the macros, look for the
> configure macro and see if it passes --prefix=%{_prefix} in).

Confirmed Mandriva 2006 is the same as your SUSE:

$ rpm --showrc | grep configure | grep prefix
  %{-C:${_mydir}}%{!-C:.}/configure %{_target_platform} --prefix=%{_prefix} --exec-prefix=%{_exec_prefix} --bindir=%{_bindir} --sbindir=%{_sbindir} --sysconfdir=%{_sysconfdir} --datadir=%{_datadir} --includedir=%{_includedir} --libdir=%{_libdir} --libexecdir=%{_libexecdir} --localstatedir=%{_localstatedir} --sharedstatedir=%{_sharedstatedir} --mandir=%{_mandir} --infodir=%{_infodir} %* ;

Thank-you for your kind help.
Kevin R. Bulgrien
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