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[leafnode-list] Re: Listening on ports other than 119

On Sat, Sep 09, 2006 at 09:41:46PM +0100, Peter J Ross wrote:
> Hi. I'm running the latest leafnode alpha with so much success that I'm 
> thinking of offering news to a separate group of users who have 
> different requirements from my current users. Ideally, I'd like the new 
> users to be able to connect to a separate leafnode daemon running on 
> the same box but using a different port, such as port 120. According to 
> my reading of the documentation, this isn't possible, but does anybody 
> have a patch to make it possible?

Listening on other ports is no problem at all:

Tell your inetd or xinetd to listen on 120 and then start a leafnode.

The other problem is running leafnode with a *completely* different
setup. For example /etc/leafnode/moderators and /etc/leafnode/users
cannot be changed, as it seems.

However you *can* give a new config-file and a new spool directory to
leafnode while getting it started by (x)inetd. Remember you have to run
fetchnews twice with different options!

> This is also a feature request: --listen <number> : specify a port as 
> a ./configure option.

I do not have the right to say "no", but ... what's the point in it?
Writing a different port in /etc/inetd.conf? Shouldn't this be done by
the user anyway?

If there should be any feature request, then this one:

- Possibility to specify a complete environment such as "--config-dir
  /etc/leafnode-special" with leafnode searching *all* config-files in
  this directory, giving the ability to run leafnode twice with
  completely different setups

This can be hacked around somehow while compiling and setting different
prefixes and paths, but this workaround seems ugly to me.

HTH, Martin

PS: In case, anyone is interested in my (untested!) idea of hacking
around this limit: (untested, so no warranties!)

1) Configure and make and install your "normal" leafnode in /usr as

2) Configure your second leafnode with --prefix=/leafnode2/usr or
something you like. Remember to set *all* necessary paths to this "new"
location, especially the config-path (--etc-dir, iirc)!

3) make and install your second leafnode

4) Tell inetd about your normal leafnode as said in manual

5) Tell inetd to call "/leafnode2/usr/bin/leafnode -d /leafnode2/spool"
on requests for port 120

6) Run "fetchnews" as usual

7) Run /leafnode2/usr/bin/fetchnews as usual

Since your second installation should have another config-path set (see
second step!), there should be no need to invoke leafnode or fetchnews
with the path to the "new" config-file.
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