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[leafnode-list] Suppressing "no servers found" error message


I've been running Leafnode 2 for a while now and it works really well, 
thank you!

I now have another installation of Leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20070602a-2, as 
shipped via Debian "experimental", which I want to use just as an NNTP 
interface to a number of mailing lists. Consequently I have no need for 
the servers= line in the /etc/news/leafnode/config configuration file.

Unfortunately, each hour I get an error message emailed to me saying, 
"fetchnews: no servers found in configuration file."

Is there any way of disabling this message in the configuration? (I can 
tweak the /etc/news/leafnode/do-fetch-news cron script to hide the 
error, but I'd prefer for it not to be issued in the first place.)

If not, can it go on the wish-list, please?

Many thanks
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