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[leafnode-list] Re: Suppressing the "Check your system clock" error?

Adam Funk schrieb:
> On 2008-04-09, Matthias Andree wrote:
>> Unfortunately not at this time, you'll have to filter the message out. 
>> Depending on who creates it, you either need to add a rule to the 
>> logcheck-ignore lists if it's a logcheck mail, or if it's a cron mail, by 
>> adding something like
>>   2>&1 | grep -v '^check_date: news\.virginmedia\.com:'
>> to your cron line after fetchnews.
>> I've put a note in my TODO to allow disabling this warning for 1.11.7.
> Thanks!  I was under the impression that leafnode 1 development had
> stopped (in favour of leafnode 2).

Right, but minor fixes that don't affect interfaces in incompatible ways 
can be made. There is actually a release candidate to 1.11.7 (which does 
not have *this* particular change though).

>> It's probably best to tell virginmedia to fix their server clock and have 
>> them use NTP (or disable the panicgate in their ntpd configuration), since 
>> offset clocks also affect article expiry on the upstream server.
> I tried that --- without too much hope; but they seem to have fixed
> the problem after a couple of days.

Good to hear that!

Matthias Andree

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