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[leafnode-list] help with a pcre for only_groups_pcre

Been having trouble with what I assume are poorly named groups or
some sort of glitch on my upstream feed - motzarella or
iinet.net.au, my ISP.

Every time I start slrn with these new group names at the end of
.newsrc :


slrn crashes at the startup.  I delete these last 3 entries and
it works fine.  So I figure if I use leafnode's only_groups_pcre
to not get those groups.  Something like:

only_groups_pcre = !.*00000000\.0000:.*

Does this command stop entries of that pattern from even getting
added to my .newsrc?

Does that pattern look adequate?

Does anyone else have this problem?

Troy Piggins | http://piggo.com/~troy                           
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