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[leafnode-list] Re: help with a pcre for only_groups_pcre

I wrote:

> 1. You're trying to fix up the wrong end. Update slrn or if it's the latest
> version and the crash persists, report it to the slrn maintainer(s). If
> slrn cannot handle b0rked newsgroup names, then it should skip them rather
> than write them to .newsrc. Leafnode's part here is GIGO. Garbage in,
> garbage out, not trying to impose some policy.

To detail on the "garbage" part; apparently the colon is, while
unconventional, a legal part of newsgroup names, to be precluded once the
USEFOR draft becomes a standards-track RFC. The latest, albeit expired,
USEFOR draft restricts newsgroup names to alphanumerical characters,
underscore, plus and minus, but it's just a draft...

Matthias Andree
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