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[leafnode-list] News article posted over and over...

Hi folks,

I have a very nicely working leafnode 2 installation. Multiple servers, 
some of which are readonly and some are postable. All fine apart from 
the news.easysw.com news server, which I use for groups relating to the 
CUPS printing system.

Normally, when I post a "ordinary" article it's sent off happily, and 
disappears from /var/spool/news/out.going just as I'd expect.

However, when I post to news.easysw.com, the article is accepted from my 
server, but it remains in /var/spool/news/out.going. An hour or so later 
it's picked up again and reposted. And again. And again. Until I remove 
it from the spool directory.

I've got a packet capture, and the protocol follows pretty much as I'd 

200 newsd news server ready - posting ok
200 erco's newsd server ready (posting ok)
111 20090320155036
NEWGROUPS 090320 150822 GMT
231 list of new newsgroups follows
[...list omitted for brevity...]
GROUP cups.general
211 18407 16522 34928 cups.general group selected
STAT <khqc96xu0h.ln2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
430 no such article found
340 Continue posting; Period on a line by itself to end
Path: not-for-mail
Message-ID: <khqc96xu0h.ln2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
[...remainder omitted for brevity...]
240 Article posted successfully.
205 goodbye.

The relevant syslog entries are also reasonably plausible:

Mar 20 15:50:36 news.easysw.com: connecting to port nntp
Mar 20 15:50:36 trying:    address port 119...
Mar 20 15:50:36 connected: address port 119.
Mar 20 15:50:36 news.easysw.com: connected (200), banner: "200 newsd 
news server ready - posting ok"
Mar 20 15:50:36 news.easysw.com: checking for new newsgroups
Mar 20 15:50:37 bad status character in "newsd.general", skipping
Mar 20 15:50:37 bad status character in "test.general", skipping
Mar 20 15:50:37 news.easysw.com: found 0 new newsgroups
Mar 20 15:50:37 found 2 articles in out.going.
Mar 20 15:50:38 Posting /var/spool/news/out.going/17438-1237564180-1
Mar 20 15:50:40 news.easysw.com: 1 articles posted

I'm using leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20061010a-1 from Debian's experimental 
archive, if that has any bearing.

Any suggestions, please?

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