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[leafnode-list] Re: applyfilter(8): any users?

Am 19.04.2009, 21:49 Uhr, schrieb clemens fischer

> While working out a "quick fix" for the unified Lua/traditional
> filtering problem, I found a few places where both cannot fit under the
> same blanket.  Basically, to make it perfect, all invocations of the
> central function "killfilter()" would have to be set up to only handle
> one logical header line.  If we don't do this, regular expression
> anchors don't work.  The most important use in fetching new articles
> (fetchnews(8)) is covered, others are much harder to fix without putting
> more work into the quick fix than it is worth.
> One of the problematic cases is applyfilter(8), the program to apply
> a set of filter rules to either single articles or a single newsgroup.
> I'm thinking if it might be feasible to get rid of this utility.  Of
> course, if people seriously use it, we cannot drop it.
> So:  if you need applyfilter(8), please speak up and let yourselves be
> counted!

We're not dropping it. If there is not a quick fix, we'll have to go for
the more elaborate one, even if it takes longer - or requires that I work  
more :-)

It should be feasible to reuse existing functionality and devise a  
wrapper, if needed. I can't promise this for the next few days, but it  
should work in the near future.

This is "alpha" quality software, and if it's too painful for the nonce, I
can still do a non-Lua snapshot for people who want to stick with
traditional filters while we fix things behind the scenes...


Matthias Andree
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