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[leafnode-list] applyfilter(8): any users?

While working out a "quick fix" for the unified Lua/traditional
filtering problem, I found a few places where both cannot fit under the
same blanket.  Basically, to make it perfect, all invocations of the
central function "killfilter()" would have to be set up to only handle
one logical header line.  If we don't do this, regular expression
anchors don't work.  The most important use in fetching new articles
(fetchnews(8)) is covered, others are much harder to fix without putting
more work into the quick fix than it is worth.

One of the problematic cases is applyfilter(8), the program to apply
a set of filter rules to either single articles or a single newsgroup.
I'm thinking if it might be feasible to get rid of this utility.  Of
course, if people seriously use it, we cannot drop it.

So:  if you need applyfilter(8), please speak up and let yourselves be


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