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[leafnode-list] Re: Run out of inodes

Am 13.05.2009, 19:54 Uhr, schrieb Enrico Wiki  

> After posting the previous message I realized I had deleted the leafnode
> spool with a sudo command (because in leafnode-2 the owner of all the  
> spool files is News, so I could not delete those as user), thus the  
> deleted files were still in Root's thrash bin (in  
> /root/.local/share/Thrash)! Silly me!
> Sorry for making noise.

Well, one article, one inode. Plus around 1,100 overhead for directories.  
You may want to create a separate file system with higher inode density  
for the spool if you're so tight on inodes. mke2fs.conf suggests one inode  
per 4,096 bytes for news spools, and the default is 1/4th of that (1 inode  
per 16 kibibytes).

Is Ubuntu doing strange aliases, libc or kernel hacks, or have you used a  
graphical file manager? For "rm" should not move files to trash...

(That's with just one "h" at the end, thrash with two "h" is something  
else, like beating someone up or grinding, or similar - not too different  
in this particular case, but I thought I'd share this, among non-native  
speakers of the English language. :-))


Matthias Andree
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