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[leafnode-list] Re: slrn gives "server read error"

Am 29.07.2010, 20:37 Uhr, schrieb clemens fischer:

> Benjamin Esham wrote:
>> I???m running leafnode 1.10.0.rel on Mac OS X (I know it???s an old
>> version, but for now it???s the only one I can get set up).
>> Occasionally I???ll try to view a group in slrn when I get the error
>> ???Server read failed.???  This happens only with one or two groups, but
>> it happens maybe 90% of the time when I try to view one of these
>> groups.
> To diagnose problems like this, you have several options:
> - turn on network-IO debugging in leafnode and look at the log.  the
>   manual pages have info about the debug values needed.
> - access your leafnode installation using netcat or telnet and try some
>   NNTP commands manually -> try "help" as the first command.
> - use "strace(1)" on both leafnode and slrn.

Debugging old versions would be a waste of time because I am not  
supporting them. Benjamin should upgrade. Leafnode versions before 1.11.3  
have security relevant bugs and should not be used anyways. macports.org  
has 1.11.8 for instance.

When debugging 1.11.8 and the latest slrn versions, on systems where  
strace isn't available, truss or ktrace might be, and might be used to  
figure if for instance the nntpd crashes when entering particular groups.  
In such a case, I need a stack backtrace (see the FAQ) to debug that  
further, or a test case, or a plausible patch.


Matthias Andree
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