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[leafnode-list] Re: Disabling The "Is Valid FQDN" Check

On 2011-05-09, clemens fischer wrote:

> On Sat-2011/05/07-22:14 Adam Funk wrote:
>> On 2011-05-05, Matthias Andree wrote:
>>> - I do not support servers that overwrite the Message-ID or don't
>>> advertise moderated groups as such.
>>> You can read from them but you must never post to them.  Leafnode-2
>>> cannot detect that articles are successully posted there and will
>>> consequently retransmit the articles in an endless loop.
>> I can confirm that this happens & annoys moderators.  Definitely not
>> leafnode's fault: astraweb, which I used to use as an upstream server,
>> misflagged (as 'y' instead of 'm') two moderated groups that I've used
>> and failed to do anything to correct it, even in response to proper
>> support tickets.
>> Am I mistaken in thinking it's an easy problem for a NSP to fix?

(I mean the problem of having the wrong flag in the group listing.)

> What's a "NSP"?

"news service provider" (I don't think I imagined that)

> If you mean the Message-ID (MID) overwriting:  should the remote host
> send back the MID like when none is given in the original article,
> leafnode could use that information.  If the remote host doesn't,
> leafnode cannot store or map the MID and thus will never know if it has
> already seen a particular article.

That makes sense.  (I'm not aware of ever having experienced this

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