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[leafnode-list] Re: dynamic dns


On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 08:15:59PM -0600, John A. Wallace wrote:
> Is there any problem that I should consider before configuring Leafnode for
> public access by others on the internet while I use an account at DynDNS for
> my dynamic IP address, which only seldom changes?  Thanks. 

I haven't tried yet. Considering, how leafnode is built, and that
leafnode is built as a small server for little user groups, there should
be no leafnode-related problem, as far as you don't want to use it for
too much people.

Please think about:
- Having no user passwords leaves your server open to spammers, this
  will probably get you into big trouble
- Space on your hard disk can vanish very fast, as far as I know the
  only limitation for articles is "no space left on device" by now
  (depending on file system you may still be able to write some bytes as
  root).  Possible solution: partitioning
- Users can make you use massive amount of bandwidth, not only for
  users, but also for fetching articles
- It is not recommended to put alpha software in public space. leafnode2
  is still in alpha stage.
- legal stuff (some special laws for providers of services or something)

I guess I did not remember all problems. But there are plenty of
documents out there on the internet describing this general stuff.

Have fun!

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