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[leafnode-list] Re: Traps for young players

On Sun, 11 Oct 2015 18:28:08 +0200
MatÄj Cepl <mcepl@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 2015-10-11, 07:47 GMT, Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> > My version of Leafnode 2 may be out of date.  Can you please 
> > give me a git update command, or should I just download the 
> > latest tarball?
> https://gitlab.com/leafnode-2/leafnode-2/ is the official repo 
> of leafnode2. https://gitlab.com/mcepl/leafnode2-pkg is the repo 
> with the Fedora/RHEL specific configuration files (.spec & al.).  
> I am not sure everything is same on Mageia as it is on 
> Fedora/RHEL, but I guess you could acommodate quite easily.
> Best,
> MatÄj
Thanks MatÄj.  Mageia is a fork of Mandriva 10, the last one released
under the company banner, and has retained the "look.".  The packages
are very similar to Fedora, but the intro of the RPM is different.  With
all the variety in RPMs these days, I was a bit surprised that the RPM
was selected as the "official" Linux packaging system.  There is a lot
of Fedora in Mageia.
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