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Re: A Few Questions

In message <36B49EEC.BeroList-2.5.2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Jeff Grossman" writes:

> I am installing Leafnode and have a few questions.  I am running it
> on Linux with the 2.0.36 kernel.


> 1.  Where do I put this config file that I created?  Plus, what do I call
> it?


> 2.  I noticed there was a line in the config.example that talks
> about a free open server.  I only want to allow users that are on my
> system to access the news server.  And who are connected to the
> server locally.  How do I set that up?

You read the manuals for the tcp-wrappers. (/etc/hosts.allow and

> 3.  I have never set up cron before.  I need a little help.  I added the
> line:
> 0 4 * * * /usr/local/sbin/texpire

If you have redhat, do it in the /etc/cron.{daily,hourly} directories,
Plain, executable shell scripts.

> to the cron file.  But it talks about adding fetch there also.  I have a
> full time connection and want Fetch to run at least every hour, but would
> prefer more often.  How do I set something like that up?

I have an analog leased line at speed of 28800 and run it one an
hour. If you need it more than that you probably need a mainstream
news server anyway.


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