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RE: [leafnode-list] (no subject)

On 18-Jun-99 Jim Nicholson wrote:
> I dare say someone has done this before, but I've written a little
> perl script which reads articles from low-traffic newsgroups to
> prevent leafnode thinking their inactive.
> The problem I had was that my ISPs .service.status newsgroup has only
> one or two postings a month normally, so leafnode sees that I don't
> read it and and stops downloading it.

        Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn´t it be solved using the fetch´s ¨-n¨
parameter? According the manpage:

       -n     Don't unlink files in the interesting.groups direc­
              tory. This avoids automatic unsubscription of news­

        Or I misunderstood your problem? Bye!


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