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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode doesn't show new newsgroups in TIN

kwalker@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Quite often, TIN doesn't show any new newsgroups even when I *KNOW*
> there are some.  Like last night, I added Loki's news server
> (news.lokigames.com) but this morning after a couple of fetchnews runs,
> no loki.* groups were listed as new, but they WERE in the newsgroup
> listings.

When you add a new server, newsgroups are not shown as new. Only
newsgroups that are returned in response to the NEWGROUPS command
are shown as new. IMO this is the correct behaviour (imagine adding
a large new server and getting thousands of new groups), but if it
is desired that leafnode behaves otherwise I can change it.


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