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[leafnode-list] standalone leafnode ?


I'm trying to create a small internal newserver that is to say a
standalone one. By the past I've used INN but don't want to re-spend a
lot of time trying to manage it ! 

I came on Leafnode which sounds like a easy to manage newsserver (;-))

But as I have some special needs, standalone, I have some questions :

-> is there a way to build the groupinfo and related files manually  for
some newsgroups ? I have done some tests and it seems possible to do it.
What should be aware of ?

-> the fun part seems to be the handling of the post messages. If I hava
good understand the way leafnode handles them, it only stores them on
the server till the fetchnews send them to a "upper" news server. The
leafnode's base seems to not being updated by fetchnews, isn't it ?. Is
there any way, even written some code, to avoid this and having the
leafnode base updated.

Thanks a lot for any informations and for your efforts 

Guy Bobenrieth

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