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[leafnode-list] Leafnode 'killing' connection?

Disclaimer: I'm certainly not a programmer, and the friend who looked throught
the source had only a very BRIEF look. So it could be I'm about to shoot
myself in the foot...please be gentle!

Since starting to run Leafnode I've had a problem with my internet connection
"dieing". That is, after running just fine for a period of time the modem
would still be connected but I'm unable to do anything - symptoms _very_
similar to having no functioning DNS server. However, after checking things
out I'm certain it's not a DNS problem as such.

The only solution is to hang up and redial, in which case it runs fine again
for a (variable) period until the next time it failed.

A friend looked through the source of Leafnode and came to a VERY tentative
conclusion that in the event that Leafnode terminated (such as if it ran and
found another copy already running) it was very agressive about killing

Me being a newbie and impatient, was using Fetchnews to run it every 5 minutes
and often ran it manually as well.

He thought that perhaps in a case like this Leafnode could perhaps kill off
enough sockets to render my internet connection useless.

Does this make any sense to those of you who understand this stuff?

I've cut it back to running only every hour and things do seem much better...


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