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Re: [leafnode-list] Dummy messages in Newsgroups not fetched by

Torsten Jacobs wrote:

[The following message is only displayed when subscribing to a group for
 the very first time but not when re-subscribing to an expired group.]

> > Subject: Leafnode placeholder for group alt.3d
> >  
> > This server is running leafnode, which is a dynamic NNTP proxy.
> > This means that it does not retrieve newsgroups unless someone is
> > actively reading them.
> > 
> > If you do an operation on a group - such as reading an article,
> > looking at the group table of contents or similar, then leafnode
> > will go and fetch articles from that group when it next updates.
> > 
> > Since you have read this dummy article, leafnode will retrieve
> > the newsgroup alt.3d when fetchnews is run
> > the next time. If you'll look into this group a little later, you
> > will see real articles.
> > 
> > If you see articles in groups you do not read, that is almost
> > always because of cross-posting.  These articles do not occupy any
> > more space - they are hard-linked into each newsgroup directory.
> > 
> > If you do not understand this, please talk to your newsmaster.
> >
> > Leafnode can be found at
> >        http://www.leafnode.org/
> Is there any condition when this message is recreated when messages were
> not read for a long time?

The pseudo-article is only displayed in one of the following conditions:

1) the directory for the group (i.e.  /var/spool/news/name/of/newsgroup)
   does not exist

2) the directory for the group exists, but there is no .overview file

3) the directory for the group exists but the article number requested
   does not AND the article number requested is the only article in the

The third condition should strike if a newsgroup is unsubscribed and
all articles are expired.


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