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[leafnode-list] leafnode-1.9.17ma1 compilation/installation hints


I am thanking Michael Mauch who has pointed out two small installation
issues with leafnode 1.9.17-ma1, one being a PCRE library or libtool
issue. Here is the documentation on how to work around problems:

1. to configure the configuration directory which is documented to be
   /etc/leafnode by default (but it isn't currently), use
   --sysconfdir=/etc/leafnode rather than --with-confdir. 

   This is a configure.in issue presumably.

2. applies only if you build PCRE separately as recommended: libtool
   asks you to invoke `libtool --finish /usr/local/lib' (or wherever you
   want PCRE installed), but libtool invokes ldconfig with the -n option
   on Linux, thus, the ld.so.cache is not updated, and ld.so will fail
   to find libpcre, thus, the programs will not start. 
   SOLUTION: run /sbin/ldconfig without -n or -N switches after you
   `make install' PCRE.

   I am currently investigating if that is a libtool bug. 

Matthias Andree

                Where do you think you're going today?

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