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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode port to cygwin

Matthias Andree schrieb am 2001-05-08, 11:54:

> "Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > O.k., i got a new patch. I fiddled also a little bit at the Makefile.in
> > to get a nice install on Cygwin, don't forget to set a prefix!
> > I like more prefix=/usr as /usr/local, don't ask why.
> Some comments on the patch. It'd be better designed in a way that it can
> be merged with mainstream leafnode later on, but some of your changes
> prevent that.

I agree to all of the critics, but:

> 5. You may want to avoid blanks in file names, but rather use the
>    underscore character (_).

where does this came from?



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