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Re: [leafnode-list] filterfile - multiline pcre

"Marcin Wojtczuk (FastViper)" <fastviper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

R> I use leafnode-1.9.19 (PLD linux distribution) and pcre-3.9 (what other 
> informations you need ?).
> I was trying to filter out posts to pl.comp.os.linux send by Outlook 
> users. This is my way (from /etc/leafnode/filterfile:)
> (?m)^Newsgroups: pl.comp.os.linux$ ^X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook.*$
> also tried:
> (?m)Newsgroups: pl.comp.os.linux X-Newsreader: Microsoft.*
> This sadly doesn't seem to work. (Maybe pcre is not correct?).

Leafnode's filter mechanism does not support multiline matches or
multiple patterns on one line. Sorry!

However, can you try if you get some of the patterns above to work with

> How can I make multiline pcre to work with leafnode?

I thought about using applyfilter code in fetchnews, but I cannot
promise if I can get things to work.

> Maybe there's some way to have separate filterfiles for each group ?

Not in 1.9.x.

Matthias Andree

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