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Re: [leafnode-list] check_date problem

Hi Matthias,

> Is your clock set correctly? The Received: headers of this mail reveal
> that your mail travelled one hour and fourteen seconds to Würzburg
> University which is the same time zone as yours. Assuming one hour off
> and one hour off (DST issues) at easynews, both of you off might also be
> a scenario. Check "env LC_TIME=C TZ=UTC date", it must be exactly two
> hours before (less than) the real time.

I did the check, and the output shows exactly 2 hours earlier than my current
time. The original post to this list had some problems. I received a
return message that some quota on the other end was exceeded ? Maybe
that's got something to do with it ? I just sent a test message to a
webmail account, but it showed the right time. 

> Easynews' software would not be the first to have a faulty "DATE"
> implementation

Well, I just telnetted into easynews, and the here's what DATE gives:

And your check on my server gives

Wed Jun 18 22:29:15 UTC 2003

So this seems not to have a >10 minute difference.

Ok let's see how this mail travels to Würzburg ;)


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