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[leafnode-list] NNTP Server Went Away

Last week I set up stunnel so I could connect with Netscape's secure server.
The connection is working fine.  I have a script to run Fetchnews with the
"-P" parameter every ten minutes.  When there are messages waiting to be
sent, and that script runs, I always get a NNTP Server Went Away message
when Fetchnews tries to connect to localhost which connects to Netscape's
server.  Here is the log:

Jul  7 08:20:07 apple fetchnews[31684]: localhost: connecting to port 563
Jul  7 08:20:07 apple fetchnews[31684]:   trying:    address port
Jul  7 08:20:07 apple fetchnews[31684]:   connected: address port
Jul  7 08:23:16 apple fetchnews[31684]: NNTP server went away while waiting

What types of debugging information would you like?  Or is there a reason
this happens?


P.s.  Running Leafnode 2.0.0.alpha20030706b snapshot version.  I have also
updated that version with the patch from yesterday.
Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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