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Re: [leafnode-list] applyfilter -C message-ID (was: leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20040122a snapshot available)

Reiner Steib schrieb am 2004-01-27:

> ,----[ applyfilter(8) ]
> |   -C     Switch  to  cancel  mode,  manually remove articles
> |          with given Message-IDs.  Note that the  Message-IDs
> |          must  be  given in angle brackets, which means that
> |          you will need to protect them from the shell, exam­
> |          ple:   applyfilter  -C  '<some.1234.id@xxxxxxxxxxx­
> |          ple.org>'
> `----
> For me, this is unclear.  Does applyfilter send a control messages
> ("cancel <Message-ID>", RFC 1036) to the upstream server or is the
> article only deleted from the local leafnode spool?

Thanks for asking. The next snapshot will add this paragraph to that
manual page:

              The cancel will only remove the article locally. No
              control message will be generated or sent to
              other hosts.

Matthias Andree

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