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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: mail2news

Jörg P. Dietrich schrieb am 2004-04-14:

> There is a problem that leads to the loss of email which I
> attribute to leafnode being overly restrictive:
> nntplib.NNTPTemporaryError
> 441 Invalid header "Message-ID:
> <1081904429.3548.6850.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>", article not
> posted
> 441 Invalid header "Message-ID:
> <1081922545.30226.102.camel@bach>", article not posted
> and a few others. While these are certainly not valid Message-ID:
> headers because the fqdn is not a fqdn, accepting these messages
> causes no harm. The only ones who can be affected by this
> misconfiguration are the people with the same misconfiguration. I
> see no technical reason not to accept these articles (and authors
> of other NNTP servers apparently think the same).

Question: how does mail2news address the case that a "cross-posting"
shows up on two of the mailing lists that it converts? Reusing the
Message-ID is a problem for such cases. I once read a document on the
conditions that allow to transform the Message-ID, References,
In-Reply-To:, ... in a reproducible and reversible way in this case
(presumably by adding the group name and the host name); I don't quite
recall what it was, it may have been written by Bettina Fink; in any
case, the discussion had taken place on

Matthias Andree

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