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Re: [leafnode-list] Date, time and logs

Matthias Andree wrote:
Werner Geuens <werner@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I started leafnode a week ago on an old machine, to fetch news at night.
Works perfectly.

But I redirected the verbose output to a log, to keep an eye on it the first few weeks. I'd like to see a data/time added to the lines. Is there a option for that ?

The best bet is to rely on syslog. README has hints how to configure
syslog (see the TROUBLESHOOTING or DEBUGGING section), and as leafnode
will log using the "news" facility, you can easily capture the logging
into a separate file, and, as Adam suggested, use grep to sort the
fetchnews logging from texpire or leafnode logging.

I encountered this problem earlier and even using syslog was unable to get all the info I needed.

Skipping that Q in sidewise:
Is there some way to get the messages dropped and matching filter/line into the notices or info syslog level?

That would be _so_ helpful with a lot of self-adjusting filters. And I suspect what the original question was refering to that or other data only available through -v*

BTW, Debian current unstable version (leafnode 1.11.3.rel).

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