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Re: [leafnode-list] feature request for fetchnews

Server Admin <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It appeared to me as though leafnode was checking all the messages it 
> needed and compiling a list of 'interesting' ones that passed X-Over 
> filters. It should be relatively easy at that point to sort by 
> size/lines. That would go some way toward getting the smaller ones first 
> and fastest. Even if its not a full feature.

I'm not planning to do something like this for leafnode-1, although some
scheduling for leafnode-2 might be useful.

To  make this work,  we'd have  to sort  across group  boundaries (which
means heaps of changes), otherwise  fetchnews could not skip to the next
group and  come back later to a  previous group to fetch  the big stuff,
which is what this is all about.

Matthias Andree
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