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[leafnode-list] Re: no archive messages

> I wonder if users see "experimental" the same way, or if we're going to
> see complaints of users with outdated versions, either because the
> packager can't update the packages for policy or other reasons, or
> because the users aren't checking for updates before creating support
> workload.  There shouldn't be any barriers (such as policies,
> foreseeable resource shortages) preventing updating to the latest
> version except showstopper bugs in it, and the packager should perform
> some basic triage on support requests and bug reports to filter out
> reports for versions that have since been superseded.

I think I pretty much agree with you, except (possibly) for the conclusion.
I think a debian package maintainer should:
  Read this list regularly.
  Make sure that all the documentation for the package directs users seeking
    support to either debian resources or this mailing list--perhaps going so
    far as to remove your email address (Not your name, of course) from certain
  Keep the package up to date.

That said, I think there's very little risk of downside in putting a package 
in experimental.  As far as I can tell, debian has very little policies for 
experimental (aside from Free-software requirements and debian-social-contract 
stuff)  I don't think experimental ever has freezes of any kind.

Also, all the debian documentation I've seen either doesn't mention or 
strongly cautions about using experimental.  A package in experimental would 
likely have it's audience limited to experienced debian users.

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