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[leafnode-list] Re: authentication questions

Matthias Andree wrote:

> Well, there are STARTTLS and authentication RFCs for NNTP v2 as well,
> namely RFC 4642 (STARTTLS for NNTP) and 4643 (NNTP authentication)
> that suggest other solutions - but I haven't yet reviews these new
> RFCs yet and don't know how I want leafnode changed to accomodate
> these.
> While leafnode is not yet RFC3977 compliant (that's NNTP v2, which
> obsoletes RFC0977 and RFC2980), new changes for leafnode-2 should keep
> RFC3977 and 4642...4644 and the related USEFOR (USEFOR and USEPRO)
> drafts in mind, as well as RFC5322 where RFC2822 is referenced
> (RFC5322 obsoletes RFC2822).

Thanks for the RFC numbers, but this is going over my head.  It is thing
to add a little scripting to an otherwise perfectly working program, but
another to try to understand internet drafts.

I think I will get user->newsgroups authentication working, but I won't
change the way leafnode does its job.  These would be strategic


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