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[leafnode-list] Re: collision between number newsgroup names and message-ids

Am 25.08.2012 21:29, schrieb Joey Hess:
> Hi, I'm using leafnode to run the 30 year delayed usenet server olduse.net.
> I recently ran into an interesting problem with /var/spool/news which
> may or may not be specific to leafnode (been a long time since I used
> other news servers!).
> There was a newsgroup named net.micro.432. After net.micro got 431
> posts, I noticed that my code was wanting to use the same number for a
> post as was used for the newsgroup directory. While I've made my code
> skip to the next post when this happens, it'd probably still break if a
> new.micro.433 newsgroup appeared.
> I'd like to avoid the ambiguity if I can, rather than do complicated
> workarounds. Is there any alternative /var/spool/news layout I could use
> to avoid it, that's supported by leafnode?

Hi Joey,

I recall that I have added code to leafnode to sidestep this exact
problem, but I no longer remember which leafnode version I added this
to, and I seem to only find this in leafnode-1.  There is currently no
support for alternative newsgroup layouts in any leafnode version that I
have released.

A recent leafnode 1.11 version would store net.micro.432 in
/var/spool/news/net/micro/-432 to avoid the issue, but I suspect you
might be using leafnode 2.*.alpha*, and I'd have to forward-port the
leafnode-1 code (which would not happen before next week).

Which leafnode version are you using exactly?

(Just a minor nit, the Subject confuses message-IDs with leafnode's
article numbers. The message-IDs are in /var/spool/news/message.id/NNN
directories, where NNN are numbers between 0 and 1000 exclusively, and
look vaguely similar to email addresses.)

Best regards,
Matthias Andree
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