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[leafnode-list] Re: running texpire weekly instead of daily?

On 2012-08-22, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Am 12.07.2012 13:06, schrieb Adam Funk:

>> Is the texpire running time related more to the size of the spool or
>> the number of articles that it decides to delete?
> Adam,
> it is the number of articles that matters most, and to how many groups
> they are cross-posted.
>> Would it do any harm to run it weekly instead of daily?
> I don't think so, if you can spare the disk space for expired articles
> for six more days (which I suppose).  There are no implicit dependencies
> on texpire being run daily.  Leafnode was originally written in the
> 1990s when disk space was a premium. :)

When I see the texpire log message:

   message.id: 2702 articles deleted, 2200539 kept

I think the number "kept" refers to the number of unique messages (in
the message.id subfolders) rather than the number including crosspost
duplication (hard links to the same inodes) --- is that correct?

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