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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode cannot find the host

Cecil Westerhof wrote:

> I did everything you said, but ltrace revealed the bug. So I do not
> think the other information is interesting any-more.

Well, the leafnode version is always interesting, but thanks for
pointing me in the right direction.

> You can use:
>     server = news.kpn.nl
> But when you use:
>     server = news.kpn.nl # some comment
> you got the error I mentioned. So I think leafnode should be amended
> to handle comments correctly.


I have found the bug; whitespace between the value and comment are not
stripped in leafnode versions up to 1.11.10, or leafnode 2 alphas
released before today, 2013-07-10.

Fix committed to Git for leafnode-1 and leafnode-2, to appear in the
respective next releases.

Workaround possibilities for older versions:

server = "news.kpn.nl" # some comment
(quote the value)

server = news.kpn.nl# some comment
(no whitespace before the comment)

# comment before the server line:
server = news.kpn.nl

Thanks for the bug report!

Best regards

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