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[leafnode-list] Re: xinetd on centos 7 install

On 2015-10-27, 07:42 GMT, Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> Security may not be as crucial to me on a single workstation.  I have a
> firewall.  I could have a go at writing the systemd files, but I have
> told them my health won't permit me to take any responsible place in the
> Mageia team.

... in the end I believe tcpwrappers are gone in the Fedora 
world (not 100% certain, I donât run Fedora).

And yes, I was talking only about leafnode-2. Leafnode-1 should 
be left rotting as it is until Matthias finally switches the 
flip (yes, I know, the hell will be hard frozen then).



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