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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Welcome to

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Isn't the r for receive? If so, rnews_leafnode or rnews-ln might be
> suggestions worthwhile considering.
But, the manpage says - it sorts news articles into your Leafnode's
spool ... news batches downloaded by other means. 

> directory. "Better administration" is too faint a description for me.
Suppose one wants to see where the downloaded articles are? or we want
to take a back of the entire top level hierarchy? 

In my opinion, the above would easy to manage, but from a

> I prefer emacs and use vim 5.7 from time to time, but if we all start
> reformatting the ChangeLog, we'll end up in a mess. I'd like to see the
> ChangeLog in the format GNU software commonly uses (example below), your
> format deviates from that; mcedit however is also happy with GNU-format
> ChangeLog files (and I'd like to see all the world use ISO 8601 date
> format, but that is probably not going to happen this decade).
> However, the Emacs Outline mode may be useful (it can hide text below a
> certain structuring level (chapter/section/subsection/...) from your
> view to maintain the overview).
> Here's the GNU ChangeLog example mentioned above (from my yet unreleased
> 2.0b8_ma3):
Thanks for the example, I shall try to stick to that onwards. BTW what
this ISO 8601 format?


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"Linux is much, much better; not the best as yet!
Do you too work on making a difference?"

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