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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

Matthias Andree schrieb am 2001-05-07, 11:16:

> Alexander Reinwarth <alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Well, I, being not involved in the leafnode-development and not
> > knowing the sources, regard cygwin as just another platform leafnode
> > could run on, if someone takes his time and tries to port it.
> Yes. But CygWin lacks vast parts of the security partitioning Unix
> offers, especially on FAT file systems and DOS-based Windows
> (9x/ME). That will have an impact on reliability and security, since you
> cannot play all the nice security tricks such as chroot, setuid (the
> syscall, not the flag) and stuff. I'd like to see numbers, does anyone
> know how the distribution of CygWin over Win 9x/ME vs. NT/2000 is? 

At Win98, there is no chance, no security to speak of, every call
of chown or chmod and so on is ignored, will give no error.
Will change never. It is really weird on NT/2000 too.
At this point i got strange problems. I run leafnode as user 'news',
fetchnews and the others too. But now i'm not able to kill leafnode,
not as 'root', not as 'news'.
Fetchnews creates directory out.going (after posting) new, now leafnode
is not able to write in that dir...and so on.
To use it for me, i turned off security now because it doesn't work
like it is in the sources. I'm not able to convert it so it is compatible 
with cygwin. But that would be neccessary to get a release.

> > As XEmacs, which has a code base which is slightly larger than
> > leafnode's, has been ported to cygwin I do not see a reason not to try
> > it.
> NTEmacs? Is that a native port or a CygWin port?

There are two ports, one native one for cygwin.
Today it is a little problem with the nice setuptool, but it lacks
some benefits of the cygin setup-tool. So it doesn't recognize
cygwins mounts. I don't know why, because it is the same codebase
they use for both, xemacs and cygwin.

> > Well, it is Gerrit's time which is spent on the port, so why don't we
> > let him decide if it is worth it? ;)
> Not entirely, we have exchanged several mail "behind your backs" :-)

Yep, and without your help, i had no chance at all...

> > Btw: I presently use Hamster on a laptop my company handed over to me
> > and I must say that it is really one of the most reliable pieces of
> > software I saw running on a windows-machine. 
> That's good. Would your company allow a dual-boot notebook? Some do.




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