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Re: [leafnode-list] duplicate articles

Rick Pasotto schrieb am 2004-04-18:

> I run debian and all my installs/upgrades have been with apt-get.

I presume it hasn't changed the spooldir. (If it has, I'm sure Mark
Brown will speak up.)

> > texpire of a _recent_ leafnode version, that is 1.9.52 for the 1.9.X
> > branch or the most current leafnode-2 alpha.
> Here's the output of texpire. At the group level it shows only 1 article
> deleted yet the summary show 16761.

This means that 1 article was removed from a /var/spool/news/group/name
directory, and 16761 have been removed from
/var/spool/news/message.id/NNN/ - probably a good deal of the duplicates
got killed after texpire had corrected the hard links.

> When I read news (with slrn) it
> shows a total of 62975 articles in triangle.general. There are still
> duplicate articles (same Message-ID but different article numbers).

That may be a kind of corruption that texpire cannot correct as of
1.9.53.rc1. I'll need to investigate that, but the fix may take a while.

Are any of the duplicate articles cross-posted to another group?

Do you recall if fetchnews was aborted by force or if the application or
network or operating system crashed/failed during a fetchnews run,
possibly with file system damage?

A possible indicator is files showing up in /var/lost+found for
instance, particularly with the non-journalling file systems such as
ext2fs or ufs or with the write cache enabled.

Matthias Andree

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