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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode can't see spamcop newsgroup

Tristan Miller <psychonaut@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm having problems with Leafnode (1.11.3, SuSE RPMs) not recognizing that 
> a certain newsgroup exists on a news server.  In particular, I have the 
> following line in my /etc/leafnode/config:
> server = news.spamcop.net
> If I use my news client to connect to this server directly, it finds the 
> following available newsgroups:
> control
> control.cancel
> spamcop
> spamcop.geeks
> spamcop.help
> spamcop.mail
> spamcop.routing
> spamcop.social
> spamcop.spam
> spamcop.test

At least in the de.* hierarchy, using such prefix names as standalone
groups is frowned upon and avoided in practice (at least for de.!alt)
because it leads to difficulties with various software. If your software
however shows the "spamcop" group when connecting directly, that is
unlikely to be the case.

> However, leafnode doesn't see the spamcop newsgroup.  It's not in 
> the /var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo file, and isn't visible in my news 
> client if I connect to my local leafnode server.

I just tried with 1.11.5, it lists the newsgroup when asked for the
group list (LIST or LIST ACTIVE spam*), I can enter it (GROUP spamcop),
so we'll probably need more detail to figure what's going on with your
version.  As a first step, try running "fetchnews -f" to see if
re-retrieving the group list fixes the issue. If that does not help,
send me a somewhat pre-filtered debug log off-list, see
/usr/share/doc/packages/leafnode/README for instructions - you need to
change syslog.conf, sighup (or reload) the syslogd (sorry, I haven't got
syslog-ng instructions yet), then change the leafnode configuration to
include debugging and see if there's anything in the logs.

> Is this a bug in leafnode?  Or is the news.spamcop.net server not 
> configured correctly?

I doubt it's either.

Matthias Andree
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