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[leafnode-list] Strawpoll: Case sensitive or insensitive filters? (was: filtering newsgroups)

Brian D schrieb am 2008-09-17:

> Eureka! The UK (in upper case) was a typo, but I'd forgotten about case
> sensitivity with what i'd previously tried. Having been used to procmail by
> default being case insensitive, I'd ignored case in the leafnode filters
> file. 
> I'll now re-try my earlier filters in the correct case.
> Thanks for the pointer.

OK, having seen that problem: do users generally consider "case
insensitive" a saner default for leafnode-2? It's slower (may be
noticable on 2 GHz machines), but should not hurt too much.
(leafnode 2 currently compiles filters only with PCRE_MULTILINE)

If the default were changed, (?-i) could be used in a pattern to make it
case sensitive again.

Matthias Andree
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