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[leafnode-list] Re: news.mozilla.org: reading new newsgroups failed, reason "501 no such list available"

>> On Fri-2009/03/27-12:23 Matthias Andree wrote:
>>> Am 27.03.2009, 08:28 Uhr, schrieb Arthur Marsh:
>>>> Is anyone else getting the error:
>>>> news.mozilla.org: reading new newsgroups failed, reason "501 no such
>>>> list available"
>>>> Running leafnode 1.11.7.rc3-1 on Debian unstable.
>>> sorry to read of your problem.  I can reproduce this, but it's
>>> a server fault.  GigaNews's servers do not support the standard
>>> command "NEWGROUPS"... (and it's GigaNews who host these newsgroups).
>>> In the end it's harmless; should Mozilla offer new newsgroups in the
>>> future that your leafnode does not show, leafnode will either pick
>>> them 90 days after last checking the full newsgroups list, or you can
>>> run "fetchnews -f" to force redownloading the newsgroups right away.
>> Then how come leafnode-2 doesn't exhibit this problem?  I read a few
>> newsgroups at news.mozilla.org, which indeed is provided by GigaNews,
>> but cannot find this 501 error message.
>> Or does this happen only on "(re)scans", but not in daily business?
> I started getting a "reading new newsgroups failed" error in almost all of
> my cron jobs for fetchnews for about the past week.  I hadn't had a chance
> to look at it.  But, once I saw this thread, I figured I would take a
> look.  I went to my logs today and noticed that the error was coming from
> my local ISP news server (which is actually just outsourced to Giganews),
> but was not getting it on my news.mozilla.org connection.  I noticed that
> on my news.mozilla.org setting I have "nodesc = 1".  But, I did not have
> that on my local ISP config line.  Once I added it to that line, the error
> message went away.  But, like I said, this only started about a week ago.
> Very strange.

Sorry, forgot to mention I am running version 2.

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