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[leafnode-list] Re: Questions about funny log entries (leafnode-2)

On Thu-2009/04/16-21:13 Adam Funk wrote:

> On 2009-04-15, clemens fischer wrote:
>> man 5 moderators
> It hadn't occurred to me to try that!  Should that be a "see also" in
> man leafnode?

It certainly should.  I must have picked up its existence by doing ls(1)
in the source-directory, or maybe reading the Makefile.  This is not the
way people should find man-pages!

>> I don't think this is needed at all if accepting defaults.
> The empty file suppresses the warning.

Ok, that's nice to hear.

>>> fetchnews[30967]: script: item init script fn_init message ...
>>> ... dofile cannot read hooks file
>>> fetchnews[30967]: script_fn_init returns wrong result ...
>>> ... or cannot init backend
>>> What do they mean?  (I'm not using lua scripting yet, so they might
>>> just mean that I haven't put a file somewhere.)
>> Exactly.  If people want Lua, they have to configure
>> /etc/leafnode/scripthooks.lua, an example of which is included in the
>> distribution as scripthooks.lua.dist.
> The empty file doesn't suppress those, so I'll just ignore those
> messages for now.

I'm a little ashamed of the cryptic log-messages and rushed to fix them up
a little.  Nevertheless, they have nothing to do with moderation, they
are supposed to inform the user that fetchnews(8) could not load any
scripting code in case he or she forgot to put them in the right place
and wonders where all the work hours went  8^).  Their log-priority is
set to "info".  If I downgraded them to "debug", you could mask them by
setting the log-level, but then people would not see them if they were
relevant.  The Lua-logging is still very chatty, over time we'll reduce
the signal-to-noise ratio, but for this the code needs proper testing by
many individuals.

Every bug-report helps, even if you are only irritated.


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