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[leafnode-list] Re: Questions about funny log entries (leafnode-2)

On 2009-04-17, clemens fischer wrote:

> On Thu-2009/04/16-21:13 Adam Funk wrote:

[script fn_init log messages]

>> The empty file doesn't suppress those, so I'll just ignore those
>> messages for now.
> I'm a little ashamed of the cryptic log-messages and rushed to fix them up
> a little.  Nevertheless, they have nothing to do with moderation, they
> are supposed to inform the user that fetchnews(8) could not load any
> scripting code in case he or she forgot to put them in the right place
> and wonders where all the work hours went  8^).

Sorry, that was a bit ambiguous: I meant an empty
/etc/news/leafnode2/scripthooks.lua file, not the empty moderators
file I mentioned earlier.

> Every bug-report helps, even if you are only irritated.

Not even irritated, just a bit geeky.

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