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[leafnode-list] Re: Questions about funny log entries (leafnode-2)

On Fri-2009/04/17-16:36 Adam Funk wrote:

> On 2009-04-17, clemens fischer wrote:
>> I'm a little ashamed of the cryptic log-messages and rushed to
>> fix them up a little.  Nevertheless, they have nothing to do with
>> moderation, they are supposed to inform the user that fetchnews(8)
>> could not load any scripting code in case he or she forgot to put
>> them in the right place and wonders where all the work hours went
>> 8^).
> Sorry, that was a bit ambiguous: I meant an empty
> /etc/news/leafnode2/scripthooks.lua file, not the empty moderators
> file I mentioned earlier.

Ah, ok.  Well, both leafnode(8) and fetchnews(8) know about a possibly
user-defined initialization function, called either "fetchnews_init"
or "leafnode_init" (no arguments, no return values).  People could do
any setup at the start of the programs there.  If these values aren't
defined as functions, the scripting backend assumes the file is "wrong"
or something is misconfigured and scripting is entirely deconfigured.
No further obstruction happens, there's just no scripting available

The log-message can be made to "go away" by putting a dummy function
there, but without any real configuration, other errors will pop up


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