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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode installation on centos 6.5/webmin

Am 19.12.2014 um 14:30 schrieb Danil Smirnov:
> Hi Matthias!
> Leafnode is great! I would like to us it for gateway from Mailman list
> to Usenet newsgroup.
> When installing on Centos 6.5/Webmin I noticed that it probably does
> not support both inetd/xinetd (at least Webmin modules does no work,
> although there are both inetd and xinetd procceses, changing their pid
> constantly) because of using Upstart instead.
> Could you please add installation advice for this case or I have to
> use daemontools?

Forewords: 1. I don't now CentOS, and I don't know Webmin.
2. Be extremely careful NOT to modify the Message-ID in any way, and do
not ever regenerate the Message-ID, and in doubt, reject messages
without!  Else you may create the nastiest message loops beyond imagination.

That being said:

I don't think Upstart can replace (x)inetd just yet, all I've found is
about pondering and future plans and ideas, but nothing that would hint
to an actual implementation.

I really will not support Webmin.  If Webmin isn't up to the task of
configuring inetd-based services, possibly with tcp wrappers, then
Webmin or its (x)inetd-to-Upstart integration needs fixing.

Do check the logs however, chances are that inetd/xinetd have something
to complain about that cause Upstart to restart it all the time.

Daemontools by itself don't launch leafnode either, you'd need ucspi-tcp
as well; or one of the modern and maintainer alternatives like runsv +

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