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[leafnode-list] Leafnode User's Morale

Dear leafnode 1.9 users,

I have had over 100 downloads of leafnode 1.9 since the release of
1.9.20.rc5, but there is virtually NO feedback of the "builds, but does
not work", "builds and works", "cannot build it" kind at all.

I'm maintaining leafnode for you. Please help me do so and do send a
short note like above, your operating system, version, processor type,
distribution name and version (like "Linux 2.4.17, i686, Mandrake Linux
8.1" or something). That takes you virtually no time, but helps me.

I'm not releasing release candidates for fun, but for review. If
*you* are waiting for leafnode 1.9.20 before the upgrade, it will
definitely contain the bug that bites you. If you however test the
release candidates (rc8) *now* and send feedback if it bites you, or if
it works smooth for you, the bug will likely not be present in 1.9.20.

Matthias Andree

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