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[leafnode-list] Re: news.mozilla.org: reading new newsgroups failed, ?reason "501 no such list available"

On Mon-2009/03/30-18:05 clemens fischer wrote:

> But since you ask: Fetchnews(8) is running runit(8) supervised and
> I get logs in the service log and syslog(3)ed.  I wonder why these
> syslog- records are necessary.  The actual command line is
> "${fetchnews} -e -D ${debug_mask} -vvv".  To me this reads "-e
> Redirect logging from syslog to the standard error channel (stderr)".

... and it actually works.  The entries in the syslog concern expiration
by texpire(8) and a few times I rushed out articles by explicitly
calling up "fetchnews-vvv -n -P" (only post, don't unsubscribe any
groups, and verbosely, please).  Everything is ok with logging.


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